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DNM Design offer fully reconditioned second-user equipment. These amplifiers perform exactly as new and the pre-amplifiers are all fitted with the famous DNM moving coil amplifiers so you will not need a separate RIAA amplifier for your record deck.

Also, please refer to the DNM 3D exchange price list to see how your investment in a DNM Pre-Amplifier will be protected when you upgrade later to the new 3D Pre-Amplifier.
Details of currently available equipment are shown below.

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No preamplifiers are currently available but details will be posted here as soon as this changes.

Power Amplifiers

DNM PA3Delta Power Amplifiers (made in England) will be available from DNM Design

PA3Delta and PA3DeltaS stock situation is constantly changing--please enquire by or phone DNM Design on 01480-457989. Price depends on the model and condition---please phone.

Other Equipment
Description Condition Price
More Series 3, 3A, 3B and 3C pre-amplifiers are currently being re-conditioned for sale, please email or phone for details.    

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Details of the DNM 'Start' Series amplifiers here - previous series of amplification, also refurbished by DNM

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