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Where to buy DNM Cable  is shown below also.

DNM Design
DNM Design have been making and designing audio amplifiers and other audio products since 1978. The people involved are Denis Morecroft and Angela Morecroft. Designers, makers and sellers of DNM amplifiers and other DNM products. Also all DNM Servicing and operators of the DNM Exchange scheme (except Germany and Switzerland).

Contact details :

DNM Design,
18, Hartford Road,
Cambridgeshire PE29 3QD,
United Kingdom.
Tel : (+44) (0) 1480 457989
Email :
Web site : this Web site (www.dnm.co.uk)

DNM Overseas Distributors

DNM Distributor - Switzerland


Rotrischweg 7,
CH-5443 Niederrohrdorf,
Tel : (+41) 56 496 2248
Fax : (+41) 56 496 5526
Swiss Web Site : www.reson.ch
Email :

DNM Distributor - Germany

reson audio gmbh
D-79774 Albbruck
Tel : (+49) 7753 624335
Fax : (+49) 7753 206049
Web Site : www.reson.de

Email :

DNM Distributor - USA

Robin Wyatt
Robyatt Audio LLC

New York NY
Tel : 1-(855)-ROBYATT

Web site : Robyatt Audio Web site
Email :

Email :

Where to buy DNM cable

Our DNM online shop sells DNM cables, HFTN cable filters, many audio accessories and Supertech/Guided Current DNM 2T Slit Foil and Guided Current DNM 4TTN T Network capacitors.

For other cable enquiries, please email


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