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Less Is More
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Some designers believe that by putting more components into an amplifier, to reduce the distortion to vanishingly low levels, they can produce a better amplifier. This pursuit of impressive specifications rarely brings a musical benefit.

    In listening tests, we have found that whilst low distortion and good measured performance are important, they are not as crucial as some would suggest to the goal of producing the best possible sound. DNM designs avoid superfluous circuitry.

DNM Components
Photo of twin volume controls
The twin volume potentiometers of the DNM preamplifier are connected directly to the output stage by adjustable attenuating resistors, reducing signal path length.

DNM amplifiers use specially modified volume controls, custom-made slit-foil and T-Network capacitors. Some of these products from the DNM design team have now been adopted by others in the electronics world. T-Network capacitors are a major advance in capacitor technology for audio.

Star Earthing
Photo of PCB layout
Star earthing is exploited to the full in DNM amplification

This earthing technique, first used by DNM in 1982, is now much more widely used.

   DNM continue to investigate new circuit layout systems, as exemplified by the very latest developments in the PA3delta symbol power amplifier with its three-dimensional circuit topology.

Controlling Feedback
The correct use of feedback systems is crucially important to the sound quality of any amplifier. Almost all amplifiers use some form of feedback loop in the circuit.

    Conventional feedback loops are rarely applied accurately enough to realise the true potential of the circuit. Such feedback systems are incapable of portraying the subtleties of music and dominate the sound of an amplifier.

Internal photo of DNM PA3S
An internal view of the DNM PA3DS, showing the three-dimensional layout. The boards have been separated to show the vertical signal and power connection points in this radical new design.

    DNM amplifiers are designed to eliminate ultra-high frequency micro-oscillations and intermodulation distortion caused by feedback errors.
    This improvement in feedback performance allows full exploitation of the circuit design, giving greater accuracy and precision.

Questioning Technology
In a world where increasing technology is embraced, regardless of whether it performs a useful function, DNM must question its value in order to make real advances in sound quality.

    We will utilise more complex solutions to problems only if they genuinely improve the performance of our products.

   For many years DNM has defined 'holistic thinking' within the audio world, challenging preconceived ideas, formulating new theories regarding amplifier performance and proving the validity of such thinking.

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