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Severe Enthusiasm
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DNM products are made by people who love music. Each product is the result of several years of detailed development, involving hundreds of hours of design and listening.

Even the smallest change in a design is subjected to thorough testing and listening to ensure that the performance improves.

Often overlooked or understated by companies in the audio industry, is the ability to make consistent subjective and objective judgements about sound quality during the testing and development period.

Many companies boast of such procedures but, with development timescales as low as six months, can this really be true?

Meticulous Construction
DNM audio engineering has a reputation for micro-fine thoroughness that is unequalled world-wide. In the field of music where even perfection is not good enough, DNM products are manufactured with severe enthusiasm to an audio standard that other audio manufacturers admire.

Although many stages of the new PA3delta symbol are assembled using the very latest surface-mount technology for pin-point accuracy and shorter signal paths, key components are still hand crafted and hand assembled for perfect alignment, wherever failure to use an expert's touch would compromise the sonic performance.

Unsurpassed Reliability
A by-product of this combination of thorough testing and no-compromise build quality is that all our products have a reputation for reliability which is second-to-none. Although the products are designed for the home, they are built with the precision of laboratory measuring instruments.

DNM products are robust, but never over-engineered. Some DNM amplifiers carry the reson brand name. This identifies the Swiss company licensed to manufacture DNM products. Both DNM and reson work closely together to develop and produce a system based range of audio equipment which really delivers the performance that the unique technology promises.

The Test Drive
Attempting to describe the sound of a DNM amplifier on paper is best left to the reviewers. We suggest that you visit DNM Design or a selected representative with a handful of discs and a few spare hours!

As our products stand or fall by their sound quality, we are very selective about the company we keep. We can convey the capabilities of a DNM product in our own demonstration room but if you cannot travel here we need to rely on our sales representatives. They must understand the DNM aims and philosophy to be able to demonstrate our products in a way that can simulate how they will perform in your home environment. Even better than this is a correctly set up home demonstration!

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