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Power Amplifiers


DNM PA3 / PA3S Capacitor Upgrades

Second User
DNM power amplifier PA1


Product News & brief product details

NEW - DNM Stereo Solid Core Resolution 2 Speaker cable
DNM Stereo Solid Core Resolution 2 is a ribbon speaker cable with very advanced design.
Designed for use with normal-to-low sensitivity loudspeakers DNM Resolution 2 improves on the audio performance of DNM Precision 2 but it can be used with larger audio systems, longer cable runs, speaker sensitivity below 89dB/watt and more powerful amplifiers.
Full Resolution 2 announcement details here.

The ribbon dimensions are set to reduce the capacitance and slightly increase the inductance, to ensure amplifier stability with longer runs of cable. The result is a stereo ribbon 22.4mm wide and 2.4mm thick with the same facility for easy installation as the Precision cable but with a much higher performance when using medium to low sensitivity speaker systems.

The DNM Resolution 2 ribbon contains four 1.2mm diameter high purity copper conductors. A single length of DNM Resolution 2 connects two stereo speakers or one bi-wired speaker. Easy-separation lines in the ribbon make cable preparation very easy.

The unique design of the DNM ribbon places the conductors above the ribbon's centre-line to project the magnetic field through air rather than insulation material. The cable's structural Q is low because the easy-separation lines also reduce the ribbon's stiffness.

Visually DNM Resolution is equally advanced, with a semi-transparent outer ribbon and coloured insulation on the conductors but a third layer of brown insulation makes the ribbon appear light brown and it blends into the background in the room. The insulation colours are visible but only when needed - as the insulation is stripped.

The electrical parameters of DNM Resolution 2, its capacitance, inductance and resistance, are aligned to improve the driving amplifier's stability and sound quality.

The characteristic impedance of DNM Resolution is accurately matched to our optional high frequency termination networks (HFTN's and ZRTN’s). HFTN filters greatly improve performance when the cable is connected to amplifiers using negative feedback. They can be added at each end of the cable when the ultimate audio performance is required.

Available in the DNM online shop

DNM Stereo Solid Core Precision 2 Speaker cable
A flat speaker cable only 2.2mm thick, its small semi-transparent ribbon is almost invisible in the room. DNM Stereo Solid Core Precision 2 has left and right (or bi-wire) conductors in one easily separated ribbon for ultimate electromagnetic performance.
Designed for use with high sensitivity speakers (above 89dB/Watt) and smaller hi-fi systems, DNM Precision 2 is the clearest speaker cable available- in every sense.

Available in the DNM online shop - NOW 30% off in our SALE
DNM Precision 2 speaker cable

DNM v3 Stereo Interconnect Cable
An improved new DNM stereo interconnect cable with superb sound, for all unshielded interconnect applications.
New V3 DNM Stereo Solid Core Interconnect cable - diagram
V3 : the Next generation of DNM Solid Core Interconnect cable (with thicker 0.5mm diameter outer signal conductors and 0.65mm diameter inner ground conductors - but retaining the same low capacitance and inductance as v2), available in the DNM online shop - NOW 30% off in our SALE
Compare the three types of DNM Stereo Solid Core cable
DNM-built 1 metre stereo interconnects from just £49.48 in our online shop


Termination Networks for DNM Cables
High Frequency Termination Network (HFTN) for DNM interconnect cable
DNM High Frequency Termination Networks for DNM interconnect cable, with their matching plugs on the left

The DNM High Frequency Termination Network (HFTN) for DNM interconnect cable is a new cable-related product (the micro-PCBs in the photo above) that significantly reduces ultra-high frequency reflection in audio cables. DNM online shop

Speaker cable Termination Networks

The speaker cable HFTN is parallel connected across the speaker terminals. It can be used as an entry level termination network fitted at the amplifier end of the cable.

The Ear : Best of 2013 Awards NEW : DNM HFTN wins award

DNM Preamplifiers
An interesting comparison by the DNM US distributor Robin Wyatt of two analogue systems using Quad ESL 57 speakers - click here for the two videos
DNM 3D preamp with transparent case - photo courtesy Concert Sound USA
The Most Transparent Pre-Amplifier In The World!

DNM's best ever product - the DNM 3D, worlds first 3-dimensional preamp - is available now. (3D UK Price list).
NEW : Read the First USA review of a 3D Primus pre-amplifier in Stereophile, written by Art Dudley.
For UK customers wanting to upgrade to a 3D, DNM will offer a really great price for your current preamplifier - please see the UK 3D Exchange Price List for full details.

DNM 3D Operating Notes

3D Owners' Best Operating Practice

Second User DNM
DNM rebuilt Second-User and 'Start' amplifiers

Get into DNM amplification more easily
Operating notes for Series 3/3A/2/1 preamplifiers

DNM Power Amplifiers

PA3 and PA3S - Thinking about amps : class A, valve or transistor - thinking about really high performance power amps? Read this!
PA3 and PA3S Power Amplifiers

In the home hi-fi system big amplifiers sound bad because more power causes loss of resolution, which sounds less powerful! By modern standards non-linear switching amplifiers are not hi-fi.
Before buying a high power amplifier always listen to it at low level close to the speakers, it will sound distorted! Read more here.

DNM PA3 Owners Handbook

Compatibility and Accessories - the best way to go DNM, plus the finishing touches  Compatibility & Accessories
 The best way to go DNM, plus the finishing touches


Upgrading your DNM - Progress without tears
Upgrading your DNM
Progress without tears

DNM Capcitors - DNM component technology available to all DNM Capacitors
DNM component technology available to all


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