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Compatibility and Accessories
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Many people assume that because DNM products look different from normal hi-fi and because they are connected with our own metal-minimised locking DIN plugs, there is some mystical incompatibility between our products and those of other manufacturers.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Those already owning pre and power amplifiers, who wish to turn to DNM - but who wish to make the change in stages - will, however, find the level of improvement brought about by their new DNM equipment is quite remarkable, even when allied with comparatively humble ancillaries.

Having guided music lovers over the years, we do have some recommendations to make! We suggest that you switch to DNM as follows - firstly, speaker cables, Next >> interconnect, then preamplifier and finally, power amplifier. This allows you to hear, to best effect, the incremental improvements in resolution which DNM brings, whilst, in the process, not unbalancing your existing system's sound. Your DNM retailer will give objective advice when changing system components to DNM.

DNM Domus Rack

A DNM 3C Six and PA3DS supported on a reson domo B6 stand with four T32 shelves

We provide an extensive range of accessories that not only allow you to integrate your DNM into an existing system effectively, but also to enhance overall performance.

Stands & Cables
Custom-built equipment stands are available from reson. Carefully constructed from materials which harmonise with DNM's design approach, the range of 'domo' stands not only sound great but look good too!

Dedicated audio cables from DNM reson take 'field effect' technology outside the amplifier to provide optimised operating conditions for DNM preamplifiers, power amplifiers and line level sources. Custom terminations are available upon request.

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