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The Start Series
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start icon DNM is one of the more active recyclers in the hi-fi industry. We have an established upgrade path and we offer a limited number of fully refurbished second-hand DNM pre and power amplifiers, designed as a starting point for potential customers who wish to buy into DNM technology at a lower price. Consequently, we call these products the 'Start' series pre and power amplifiers.

Start 3A Preamplifier The 'Start' preamplifiers are sourced from the previous DNM Series 3B and Series 3C products. Start preamplifiers use the basic Primus power supply with slit foil capacitors. The main control units are based on the Primus model from the earlier series unless specified differently.

Each unit is subjected to a complete overhaul and fitted with new switchgear and volume control pots. All circuit board tolerances are checked and corrected where necessary. Each unit is then soak tested for 24 hours prior to listening tests.

Power Amplifier
The PA1 Start power amplifier is based on the original DNM PA1 power amplifier. As with 'Start' series preamplifiers, the PA1 Start is stripped down to its basic components and carefully reassembled. The amplifier functions are then checked and measured. All necessary corrections are made and rechecked prior to full soak testing and an extensive sound check.

As a finishing touch, all 'Start' and Second User series products are fitted with a refurbished casework. A six month parts and labour warranty is also included in the price.

Although 'Start' series products are not upgradeable to the latest specifications, a trade-in price guaranteed for the duration of the warranty period will be given at the time of purchase. This unique scheme allows customers to plan with confidence the future of their DNM system from the day of purchase and safeguards them from exploitation in the secondhand audio marketplace.

Naturally, the performance of the DNM 'Start' series, although superior to the vast majority of new more expensive products, cannot match that of the very latest DNM Series 3D and PA3Delta amplifiers. However, the guaranteed trade-in price and limited depreciation of 'Start and DNM Second User' units means that moving up to a higher performance DNM pre or power amplifier can be made in manageable and cost-effective steps in the future.

Technical specifications for all "Start" Series amplifiers are here

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