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First Principles
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Forget everything you know about hi-fi and listen to the music! That's the starting point for the DNM view on audio. What makes DNM products so different is not mere gimmickry, but a concept that identifies and deals with the inherent problems of audio equipment design in a systematic way.
By taking a close look at the way people react to live music Denis Morecroft realised that the reproduction of music with life-like power and vitality is possible but not with the conventional approach. DNM design their products specifically for domestic listening and feel that most customers wish to purchase amplifiers for this purpose. Because DNM design the equipment for home use music reproduction at home can achieve the required sense of scale and power at normal listening levels!
The results are profound- DNM products look and perform so differently compared with conventional products. In essence, the areas in which DNM amplifiers differ from the norm, when examined in detail, turn out to be those very areas which have the most impact upon the listening experience.
We have designed and produce a range of interconnect cables, speaker cables, equipment supports and modular 'high-end' pre and power amplifiers that are dimensionally small, lightweight and made of materials which designers of other commercially produced amplifier makers have not considered using.

Over-powered = Over-Complex
All amplifier designs make compromises in one way or another. Almost without exception, the larger the amplifier the more complex it is, requiring bulkier transformers, massive heatsinks and bigger high current components. In a normal domestic environment these higher power amplifiers never even approach their design limits, being used predominantly at only a fraction of their potential power capability.

Why Waste Money?
The wisdom of paying more for an amplifier that, because of its heavy construction, cannot compete on dynamic range and information retrieval, with a smaller lower powered design, and then to use only a tiny percentage of its power is questionable.

Denis Morecroft
Photo of Denis Morecroft, click for larger version Like his products, Denis Morecroft - DNMs senior designer - is unlike his peers. His passion for developing the finest reproduced sound has driven him to take a new approach in audio amplification.

For the last two decades, Denis Morecroft has been working in areas of audio technology that are normally ignored. From the earliest days of building high performance power supplies for existing preamplifiers he has been working with magnetic effects within components like the Slit-Foil capacitors and later equipment casework and materials came under the spotlight. New areas of design have been explored but magnetic effects have always been considered in his designs and his goal has been single minded - the solution of technical problems affecting sound quality.

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